Our Japanese Akita Inu Story

Hello fellow Japanese Akita Inu Lovers.

I would like to introduce you all to our new page "Japanese Akita Inu Sydney", My name is Arlette and my husbands name is François and we have the pleasure of being proud owners of nine (9) Japanese Akitas.

The love of this breed began from watching the movie "Hachi". After falling in love with the movie. We were touched by the beauty, love and loyalty of the Japanese Akita. I encouraged my husband, François, to watch it. Since watching the film my husband went on the hunt to find a breeder that bred Japanese Akita's in Sydney, Australia.

It took both of us a while to find a breeder that bred this unique breed in Australia. Six months to a year had gone past and we were able to find "Japanese Akita Inu Australia" via website. 

My husband and I emailed and sent our interest across, within the year we were given the opportunity by "Japanese Akita Inu Australia" (FIRE AND MIST and SHINKON KENSHA Kennel) to go through a screening process. After back and forth of emailing, Facebook and telephone conversations we were given the opportunity to own our very first male 

Japanese Akita - FIRE & MIST MOCHA BEAR - Mocha 

After lots of guidance, education and support, a friendship was formed with our reputable breeder's. During this time our Breeders informed us of conformation showing and suggested it would be a great way to introduce such a rare breed into Australia. At that point in time it wasn't apart of our plan and decided not to worry too much about showing as we were happy with Mocha being our family pet.

As time went by and Mocha had already turned 1. Not only did we enjoy his company, we couldn't leave the house for too long as we missed him too much. He was apart of our family and made a "huge" impact in our lives, he was our baby. 


35kgs on he is still our baby, just a bigger one =]

Through the year we developed a close relationship with Angelica, Anthony, Rollie & Cynthia (breeders) and we were given the exciting news that they were expecting a litter. 

With great acceptance we were given the chance to Co-own SHINKON NO MIKI GO - Miki, Our very first female Japanese Akita, not long after we introduced our second beautiful girl FIRE & MIST Noble Empress - Kimiko 

As our home got bigger and we welcomed our first baby - Lucas, we decided to extend our fur family too. 

We welcomed two amazing puppies into our home  =)

Introducing our red fawn and brindle sisters 


Along side their beautiful attributes we welcomed Ohana and Okami's First Litter from "Auroraskies" kennel.

Welcoming the following pups to our family and also to our acreage:





After learning more through our Japanese Akita family and friends, we decided to help promote the breed.

Through dog showing we promoted the Japanese Akita Inu, and continue the pursuit to inform and educate everyone we can about this beautiful breed. 

We join the journey with Fire & Mist and Shinkon Kensha to introduce the breed throughout Australia.

After years of loving and promoting the majestic and amazing Japanese Akita Inu, we have now joined the journey to help introduce our beloved breed to more families in Australia! 

So it is with great pleasure that we announce we have officially become registered breeders!

 Proudly introducing our signature line under - LOYALSHADOW & AURORASKIES - a prefix we think is very fitting to the Japanese Akita Inu, wouldn't you think?

Feel free to follow us on our social media and enjoy this journey with us. 

Arlette & Francois

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